Touchless Soap Dispenser - Shinbha
Touchless Soap Dispenser - Shinbha
Touchless Soap Dispenser - Shinbha
Touchless Soap Dispenser
Touchless Soap Dispenser
Touchless Soap Dispenser

Touchless Soap Dispenser

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Stay hygienic at all times. Don't touch the handwash dispenser to wash your hands. Ideal and convenient for kids' use!

Our automatic foaming soap dispenser is the best choice for maintaining hygiene!
This auto soap dispenser built-in accurate infrared sensor, you just need to put your hands under the infrared sensor, it will dispense foam within seconds automatically. 

[One-Button Mode]: New version auto hand soap dispenser just need one button, press the button the dispenser will turn on, just put your hand under the sensor, it will dispense foam automatically. So easy to use and wash, doesn't waste soap and water, doesn't affect the use in the sun.

[Easy to Use & Install]: Simple to install - just inset 3 AA battery, pour foam soap or foam hand sanitiser. Small volume, takes up very little space, easy to use, you can move it anywhere when you need, good for bathroom and kitchen.

[IPX4 Waterproof]: Water-proof, moisture-proof and leak-proof, effective to prevent corrosion and avoid getting soaked in water cause this dispenser fail to operate, will make the foam dispenser more durable and extend the use life.


    Liquid Soap Dispenser Type: Automatic Soap Dispenser
    Material: ABS
    Capacity: 350ML
    Size: 200x125x80mm

    Usage tips:

    • Please turn off the dispenser when you need to move it in case any soap flowing out.
    • Please check if it is out of batteries if it does not work.
    • Kindly keep the surface of the unit clean, wipe this soap dispenser with a dry towel regularly to avoid long-term corrosion upon the unit.
    • For foaming hand soap, the dispenser will dispense foam directly. If an ordinary liquid hand wash, please add water after you pour the liquid hand soap (hand sanitiser, dish soap) and then shook the soap dispenser (the ratio could be 1:3)